Historical heritage: From Renaissance cathedrals to Berber fortresses, from Gothic monasteries to Roman amphitheatres. Many peoples and civilizations have occupied the province of Cáceres throughout history, leaving in their wake many vestiges and sites where to lose oneself. Some of the oldest known cave paintings are in Cáceres, in the Cueva de Maltraviesocave. 

Cultural heritage: The province of Cáceres has 27 festivals declared of Regional Tourist Interest. Los Empalaos, El Chíviri, La Encamisá, Los Negritos de San Blas or El Peropalo are some of the unmissable events that make the municipalities of Cáceres even more special. 

Festivals of National Tourist Interest, such as the Magic Autumn in the Ambroz Valley, the Cherry Blossom in the Jerte Valley, Jarramplas in Piornal and Las Carantoñas in Acehúche become the focal point for tourists and visitors who love culture and beauty.  

But this is not all. Cáceres, capital city of the province, has a Festival of International Tourist Interest: its Holy Week, in Easter. Marked by tradition and its medieval character, every year thousands of visitors respond to the call of the liturgical festivity of Cáceres, famous worldwide.

But the province of Cáceres is not all about tradition. It is a favourite destination for those in search of the avant-garde through conceptual art, in two of its most outstanding museums for modernism: the Vostell Malpartida Museum and the Helga de Alvear Museum of Contemporary Art, which places the city of Cáceres on the international museum map.