Strategic location of the province due to its proximity to Portugal, and the proximity to cities such as Madrid, Seville or Salamanca.  

Weather: The province of Cáceres is in the region with most hours of sunshine in Spain, over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. This, together with the fact that the region has a lower rate of pollution and environmental problems, will make your stay extremely pleasant. 

Good health care with hospitals in the main cities, a large network of health centres and outpatient facilities in all towns. 

Incentives for investment: low taxes, investment aids and the financing facilities offered by the regional government, provincial and municipal administrations make the province of Cáceres an ideal place to start a business

Hospitality: The open nature and simplicity of its inhabitants, its cultural and natural heritage and its gastronomy, make the province of Cáceres a charming place and a perfect destination to embark on your life project, investment or entrepreneurship